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Hi ! Im Leslie ! Im so happy to have you here. My passion for fitness began in 2017. After having my second baby, I was 70 pounds over- weight.  When I was overweight, I felt horrible, I  struggled with joint pain, and I did not feel confident so I decided to embark on a fitness journey. Initially, I thought I had to deprive myself of carbs, eat small meals, and do hours of cardio to see results. I spent way too much time trying different "fad" diets that never worked and I would often give up on myself. 


I began researching more about nutrition and training and I found that all of those things I was doing wasn't helping me at all,  in fact, it was hindering my success. I didn't have to starve myself. I didn't have to cut out carbs. I didn't have to spend hours doing cardio. I finally found that I could reach my fitness goals through developing a healthy relationship with food and lifting some weights ! I finally reached my goals and enjoyed the process. Through this experience I lost the weight but gained a passion for fitness.

When I started to see results, I decided I wanted to share my story on social media in hopes that I could motivate other women to do the same. Throughout my transformation I have learned great techniques & have used my experience to help over 3,000 women start their fitness journey.  


I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

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