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One on One Coaching

Benefits of 1:1 Fitness Coaching?

Have you decided to make a change and you don't know where to start. Have you already started your journey but you feel like you aren't seeing results or lacking motivation? That where I come in. I will provide you with the tools you need to help you on your journey to becoming a healthier you. 

The goal of my coaching program is to help you unlock your potential to maximize your own performance. I will help you learn how to make this a sustainable lifestyle rather than jut telling you what to do. The goal of my program is to teach you enough so that you eventually don't require a coach and can sustain your results on your own.


I will work with you to help you reach your goals while keeping you accountable, stop you from second-guessing your decisions, and be there to tweak things to ensure you keep progressing towards your goals.

You will get constant motivation and support from me which will help you reach your long lasting results! With my client only app, you will have exclusive access to workout demonstration videos, meal guide sample, and the ability to log and track your progress. You will also have the ability to directly message me through the app so that I can help you along the way. 

What You Get:

  • Personal Assessment (Macro & BMI Information)

  • Access to client only fitness app 

  • Nutrition Coaching / Guidance (Custom in app meal guide & recipe guide)

  • Customized Workout Plan (Home or Gym )

  • Unlimited in App communication (Directly with me) Support

  • Weekly Text Check ins to make sure you are achieving your goals

  • Scheduled Monthly Assessments (Phone)

  • No annual commitment required, cancel anytime (payment non-refundable)

MY SPECIALIZATIONS: Weight-loss, muscle building, beginner weight lifting, booty building, and body weight training.

Because of the commitment I am making in being your coach. I am only accepting a limited # of women. I have a few spots open. Apply below. 

I will review your form and if you are accepted, I will send you pricing and some additional information. If you decide to proceed, I will send you a few additional forms for you to complete so I can gather more information about you to help you reach your personal goals.


After submitting your forms you will receive an invoice to purchase the coaching and after payment is made you will be sent a private link to create a client profile on our clients only app. Everything is done within the app and you will be directly in contact with me the entire time. !

I cant wait to work with you !

Yes, I am interested in Leslie being my personal Coach to help me reach my fitness goals ! (Women Only)

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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